Keep your customers coming back

Foodoo works in two ways:  by making it easier for customers to order direct from you and helping you build a personal relationship with those customers in order to target their spending patterns by utilising the data that YOU own and improve your margins at the same time.

Why Foodoo?

Know your 




Build real relationships with customers, not just through third party apps

Keep it




Convey your personality through your own bespoke website

Keep your

costs down



Improve your margins by keeping all of the money you make 

Own your




Utilise the data in order to target a customer's wants and needs 

Let us tell you more...

Keep your costs down

Reduce how much you're paying to 3rd parties

Third party restaurant aggregators will pocket 15-30% of the total order value


We'll charge you absolutely zero commission! We add a small service charge which your customers pick up for the online service

If a web developer was to build you a website from scratch it would cost thousands. Through automation we keep set-up costs to just £50, while still giving you a bespoke website!

Own your data

Utilise your data to get ahead of the competition

It's important to know who your customers are, what food they like eating and how much they are spending. It's also important to know details such as their birthday - to give them a little treat for being a loyal customer


The Foodoo platform gives you power over your own data. And we will help you manipulate this into meaningful insights and periodic performance reports with our analytics feature - Foodoo Live!

Or, if you'd rather take the reigns and analyse the data yourself, we can send you regular data files to analyse

Know your customers

Begin building real relationships with your customers

Grow your revenue by increasing your direct engagement with customers

With Foodoo, you have access to who your customers are and what they're eating - enabling you to keep satisfying their needs 

Connection is key. If you know your customers and they feel a loyalty to you, then they'll keep coming back for more

Keep it personal

Don't be just another food outlet on a long list

Third-party takeaway aggregators are impersonal. And, without the big marketing budgets of larger chains, smaller establishments can get lost in the long list of food outlets

Foodoo will provide your own website, with YOUR food outlets logo, YOUR own branding and YOUR own URL. You can now entice customers with more than just your menu - meaning they will come back again and again (and again!)


Still not convinced? Have some more reasons...

Built for all

The Foodoo platform was developed for both chains and independent outlets in mind

Easy payments

We use Stripe, the latest in payment technology to facilitate money from customers to you

Partners for growth

We want to build strong working relationships. We'll never turn down a challenge so reach out and we can solve it together

Constant development

We have an exciting roadmap of new and engaging features to help you make money

Integrated delivery solution


We have partnered with local delivery companies in major urban areas to provide delivery if you don't have it already

Well tested platform


We currently have more than 150 establishments on our platform - see our testimonials for more on why you should join our community

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