A smarter way to take customer orders.

Foodoo provides online ordering solutions for new and existing websites. We partner with food outlets to drive orders to your kitchens, we only earn money when you do with no hidden charges.

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Bring food ordering to your own website

Foodoo helps you take control of your establishment's digital presence by taking food and drink orders through your own website and mobile app.


Foodoo means you'll own what your customers see and how they see it.

Foodoo helps you deliver the brand, passion and ambience of your establishment directly to the customer in the comfort of their own home. 

Increase orders, decrease costs

Our platform will not only make it easier for your customers to order from you, but by increasing engagement with those customers you'll drive more business for just a fraction of the price of other ordering platforms.

Know your customers 

Build real relationships with customers, not just through third party apps

Keep it personal

Convey your brand personality through your own bespoke website

Keep your costs down

Improve your margins by keeping all of the money you make 

Utilise your data

Utilise the data in order to target a customer's wants and needs 

You're in safe and experienced hands

Foodoo processes £millions of transactions per year - proving we're a reputable platform already working with hundreds of food outlets.







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Leave it to us, so you can focus on the food

Foodoo's design-led ordering platform, comprehensive technology and industry leading payment system means you can focus on what you do best.

Online ordering

platform (website & mobile app)

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Set up in 4 easy steps 

We can set you up for online food ordering in just a few days... 


Provide us with all the necessary details


We'll set up your website and link your payment account


Next we'll demo the website with you and iron out any issues


You'll be ready to take those orders

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