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Foodoo provides online ordering solutions for new and existing websites. We partner with food outlets to drive orders to your kitchens, we only earn money when you do with no hidden charges.


Discover the core features that help you grow your business

Our platform will not only make it easier for your customers to order from you, but by increasing engagement with those customers you'll drive more business for just a fraction of the price of other ordering platforms.

Online Ordering

You get a beautiful ordering  website for your restaurant or takeaway, optimised to convert your visitors into repeat, loyal customers.

Simple Payments

We've made payments easy with our integration with Stripe, making merchant accounts redundant.

24/7 Customer Support

We understand your business operates around the clock, never hesitate to get in contact with us!

CMS & Admin Tools

Manage your sales, track your performance, understand your customers, and take control of your online ordering success.

Digital Marketing

Send push notifications to your customers, create vouchers, and promote your latest deals & special items.

Android & iOS App

Impress your customers and maximise your online ordering growth with these beautiful orderings apps.

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Discover the features included in all our plans and options

Foodoo's design-led ordering platform, comprehensive technology and industry leading payment system means you can focus on what you do best.

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24/7 support

Our team is here to help your business succeed online

You make delicious food. Your customers love eating it. Don’t hand over control of your customers to greedy aggregators.

With a dashboard for sales insights, loyalty features for retention and marketing tools to acquire and retain customers, you have the power to drive your business forward.

Business types

We cater for all types of business

Foodoo provides a range of features to help you increase your revenues, improve your margins and build a stronger brand presence with your customers.

Drive orders through your own website

First impressions matter! 91% of consumers search online for where they're going to eat before ordering there. So, being able to showcase your menu and brand personality is more important than ever. ​Foodoo is here to help you build your own bespoke ordering solution.

- Feature rich online ordering
- Bespoke website design
- SEO optimisation
- Cloud web hosting

Takeaway Ordering System

Technology is transforming the takeaway industry. Don’t get left behind. Get orders out the door fast and efficiently with the Foodoo online ordering system.

For delivery or collection, a digital takeaway ordering experience is a key ingredient for success. Phone orders and walk-ins are in decline as consumers move towards digitally-driven ordering experiences.

Grow your business with takeaway ordering technology that’s fast, convenient and easy to use for customers who are increasingly tech-savvy and time-starved. Already got a website? No problem, we can embed our takeaway ordering software into it.

Online Ordering for Chains and Franchises

Take central control of all online orders across multiple restaurant locations with the Foodoo ordering system for restaurant chains and franchises.

Customers want an efficient and seamless ordering experience, whether it’s delivery pick-up or dine-in and expect consistency across multiple brand locations. The most difficult part of owning a franchise is managing the other stores to keep up with the tried and true model of the brand.

Using Foodoo for restaurant chains and franchises to streamline operations across multiple stores provides control and insight that will help you better track processes and performance across your entire business.

Online Ordering For Grocery Businesses

We work with leading grocery retail brands to manage online ordering for delivery and collection. Foodoo's ordering solution means your business can be supporting online quickly and easily.

Now more than ever, customers use online ordering websites and apps both for convenience and to earn reward points. For your retail grocery business, having a branded website and app means more orders, more business, and enhanced customer convenience.

Allow your customers to order ahead

As a catering service, you'll need to take your prep sheet days in advance. Foodoo allows your customers order for any date and time in the future so that you know what to stock and prepare.

Customer love

Don't take it from us, take it from our customers...

“Foodoo has served us well over the years - the designs are great and the software is always improving. The best bang for your buck in the industry!”
Spicy Chester
“The Foodoo team has always provided a top notch service. A no brainer for any restaurant.”
Last Monsoon

You're in safe and experienced hands

Foodoo processes £millions of transactions per year proving we're a reputable platform already working with hundreds of food outlets.

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