In-store ordering, direct from the table

The efficient, safe and smart way to manage orders within your restaurant. No hardware required: customers order from their own phone via QR codes in store.

Screenshot showing QR code and online table ordering menu

The simple way to enable ordering and paying from the table

The Foodoo digital ordering system is accessed by simply scanning a QR code, so no complex setup is required. We provide everything you need to get started: you can be up and running immediately.

Like all digital ordering, table ordering increases average order size, meaning you'll enjoy greater revenues as well as improving efficiency and safety.

Mobile ordering - Foodoo Online Ordering Solutions

How table ordering works

When your customers scan QR codes, they are brought directly to your customised site powered by Foodoo. There they simply specify their table number in the app, check out and that's it! Its also easy to adapt your menu, highlight priority items, manage upsells - and means you need less staff to cover the same area! You’ll be up and running in minutes.

Screenshot QR code to open menu - Foodoo Online Ordering
Table selection for table ordering menu - Foodoo Ordering Solutions
Nishimura table ordering menu - Foodoo Online Ordering for Restaurants
Basket screenshot showing dish names - table ordering by Foodoo Ordering Solutions
Checkout table ordering screenshot - Foodoo Ordering Solutions

Part of an integrated, omni-channel digital ordering platform

However your customers want to order, Foodoo is a single integrated platform that helps you manage and grow your business.