Know your customers, grow your business

Foodoo gives you the data you need to build long-term profitable customer relationships.

Build your customer database with Foodoo

Unlike aggregators or marketplaces, Foodoo will never get between you and your customer.

In fact, we make sure that you have customer details available directly in Foodoo Live. Check contact details, customer value, order frequency and a whole host of data - quickly and easily.

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Power marketing campaigns with customer data

Automate and customise entire marketing programs - direct from Foodoo Live. We support the delivery of loyalty reward campaigns, plus re-activation and acquisition discounts, all defined and optimised to suit your business.

With direct access to all your customer data and insight, you can build long-term relationships with your customers and long-term loyalty as a result.

Track every order

Foodoo gives you more insight than any other online ordering system. Watch every order come in, accept or reject with the tap of a button, integrate directly into your POS.

Then go about your business knowing that every transaction is safely stored and powering new insight for tomorrow.

Part of an integrated, omni-channel digital ordering platform

However your customers want to order, Foodoo is a single integrated platform that helps you manage and grow your business.