Partner FAQ

What do Foodoo do?
We make food ordering websites for restaurants, takeaways and sandwich shops.

Foodoo is here to provide a reliable, trustworthy and well supported food ordering service with bills that wont make you mad.
Why should I trust Foodoo?
Foodoo comes from a company who have specialised solely in Internet food ordering for 12 years.

We process millions of pounds worth of orders each year for hundreds of UK independent and chain food outlets.

Foodoo is a long-term solution.
Is it just for takeaway food restaurants?
Any business that sells food can benefit by having a Foodoo website. Traditional takeaways of course, but also sandwich shops, caterers, pubs, fruit & veg sellers, butchers, bakers, even home enterprises.

Foodoo is flexible, if you're wondering if it could work for your business then please get in touch.
How much does Foodoo cost?
Setup Costs
Our websites start at just £250.

Running Costs
£1 per order.

Card Charges
50p per transaction.
Are my customer's paying something extra, a 50p service charge like some other food ordering portals?
No, your customers only pay the price of the food as per your menu. There are no costs hidden in Foodoo that we're not informing you of, all of our costs are within this FAQ.
Are there any other costs?
You'll have to pay 50P each time a customer pays online with a card.

You'll need to organise a mechanism to receive orders & some choices cost money to buy and/or run, but not that much.

We charge between £5 and £30 for menu updates if you don't want to do them yourself via your admin panel.

How can I receive orders?
You can choose from email, fax machine, text message, web browser, App (coming soon), GPRS Printer (uses a SIM card), Cloud Printer (needs ADSL router).
Can I use a terminal from another food company to receive orders?
Probably not ... unless it's a regular tablet then perhaps.
How often will you settle card payments with me?
Twice a month.

We can set you up to get daily settlements from Foodoo, and then the 50p card charges are not charged. You'll have to pay the other associated costs, but if you're taking a lot of orders via Foodoo then this will save you money and help with your cashflow, you can switch this option at any time, please call us to discuss.
How does Foodoo collect it's fees?
We'll take them from your card settlement & send the remainder to you. You'll be able to see details of orders, payments & settlements online in your admin panel. If you're getting daily bank settlements then we'll ask you sign a direct debit mandate.
How is Foodoo supported?
We provide UK based telephone support for from 9AM until midnight seven days a week. You can normally expect a real person to answer within a couple of rings.
What's the miminum contract period?
There is no contractual tie-in. If Foodoo is causing you problems then please inform us and give us a chance to resolve them, but should you wish to stop using Foodoo at any time then just tell us. The last thing we want is unhappy Partners.
How are you promoting Foodoo?
We will work and invest to promote Foodoo in your town. However we want to provide a sensibly priced ordering service, and we think that charging you extra to spend it on advertising is unwise when most of your orders come from your existing customers because they like your food ... these customers are easy to market to, and taking orders from them shouldn't be expensive.
Any new features coming up?
Self-setup (FOC) for new Partners.

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