Reducing Costs: Converting Customers To Your Website

Restaurants and online ordering businesses should be focusing on driving customers to their lowest-cost options.

March 30, 2022
Restaurant Marketing

With the ever rising cost of living in the UK at the moment, it’s important that businesses reduce costs wherever possible to limit the impact inflation is having on profits. Restaurants and online ordering businesses should be focusing on driving customers to their lowest cost options online, retaining profit in every avenue possible, and keeping customers happy.

We all know third-party ordering is the highest cost option for local delivery restaurants, due to the high commissions taken by the big companies. While there is an element of convenience to being on these websites, there is no denying the ever growing impact of these costs on small restaurant businesses. Here at Foodoo, we’re dedicated to helping your business grow. That’s why we take a low fixed fee to process online orders and strive to provide the best customer service and advice possible.

Converting third-party aggregator customers to your own Foodoo website is one of the best ways you can directly reduce costs. We’ve put together a few low cost ways in which you can do this. 


Including flyers with your own website details in each order is a great way to encourage customers to place their next order via your site rather than the third party sites. Including a single use voucher code makes it even more tempting for customers. Once customers place an order on your site, they will see that it’s just as convenient to use and generally that prices are cheaper. Need help designing your flyers? Get in touch with your Foodoo account manager and we can help. 

Registration Offers

Encourage customers to register with your site with a registration offer. This means that once they register they will receive an email with a discount code to use on their first order. These kinds of offers can be advertised on your website home page with a pop-up, flyers, in-store, and on social media.

Social Media

Social media is the best free tool available to advertise your online ordering business. If you are a Foodoo customer, we can provide visuals for you to share on social media to promote your offers. Ensuring your social media profiles link directly to your own website is also crucial to getting the most out of posting. An easy way to reach local customers is to post offers regularly in your local Buy and Sell groups - members of these groups tend to be very engaged and also receive notifications when posts are uploaded.

Google My Business

Your Google My Business profile is what most customers see first when they search for your business. Keeping this up to date is vital for local SEO. Often, third-party aggregators will upload their ordering links to your profile without consent. Make sure your order links and website links point directly to your own website and you will see a direct increase in traffic and orders. Uploading offers on your Google My Business profile is also a free and easy way to encourage customers to visit your site. 

QR Code Stickers 

Window stickers with QR codes linking to your own website are a simple, low-cost way to encourage passers-by to visit your website. Including a sign-up offer on the sticker will grab customers’ attention too. Stickers could also be added to the counter where customers pay or food packaging such as pizza boxes.

By converting these customers, you take control of your customer data. Foodoo can help reach out to your customers with direct marketing emails advertising your latest offers. There are many benefits to owning your customer data - developing a customer relationship, access to customer insights, encouraging customer loyalty, directly reaching them with offers through emails and push notifications.

If you need any advice or help implementing these, feel free to get in touch with Foodoo and we will put you in touch with one of our marketing experts. We also offer competitively priced social media management and PR packages if you are looking to invest in your online presence.